Arlington Crypto Is Here

I really enjoy the fast moving world of Bitcoin.

It reminds me of 1996 when the Internet was just beginning.

I know there are many of you that feel the same way, so I decided to start Arlington Crypto.

This is my attempt to grow the Bitcoin Community in my hometown of Arlington, Texas.

Someone needed to start it, so it might as well be me.

We have a meetup every Wednesday morning at the Urban Alchemy Coffee Bar, and of course that is in Arlington, Texas.

Urban Alchemy

I enjoy this location, so I thought it would be a great place to sit, have a cup of coffee and talk about Bitcoin.

Join me at 8:00 am for a cup of coffee. Both novice and experts in the world of Bitcoin should enjoy these morning meet ups.

As we start this up I don't really expect a lot of people to attend, but if you just want to sit down and have a cup of coffee while talking Bitcoin stop on by for an hour and lets meet.

Make sure and tell you friends and spread the word about the new Bitcoin Community in Arlington, Texas, and I will see you there.

Just look for me sitting at a table drinking a cup of coffee.

Meet Your Host Gary Leland:

Gary Leland
Gary Leland

Gary started his first brick and mortar store in 1981, His first e-commerce site in 1996, and his first podcast in 2004. Time Magazine included his podcasting website in their 50 coolest websites of 2006. In 2016 Gary was inducted into the Academy Of Podcasters Hall Of Fame, and in 2017 The Mayor of Arlington, Texas proclaimed March 1st Gary Leland Day.

He owns, and operates two brick and mortar stores. One of them is Leland’s Wallpaper, which is the largest wallpaper store in Texas. His other store is a Softball Junk which is a sporting goods store dedicated to softball equipment. Both of his stores are located in Arlington, Texas.

You can find all the things Gary is producing for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency at

Gary is also a co-founder of Podcast Movement, BitBlockBoom, and co-founder of Podcast Dallas.

You can find out more about Gary at

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