Blum Mini-App on Telegram
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‘Blum’ Airdrop – The Next Money Making Crypto Mini-App on Telegram 

Blum Mini-App on Telegram

Blum is All-in-one crypto trading app which will be available on Telegram Mini-app. Blum supports More than 30 Blockchains like- Ethereum, Cosmos, Solana, Ton, Binance, Polygon and others.Blum provides a platform to buy and trade every coins without switching to others Network.Blum is selected as a MVB VII ( Most Valuable Builder ) on Binance Chain ecosystem.

Welcome to blum trade
Welcome to blum trade

Blum is hybrid setup to trade directly from your Favourite wallets like MetaMask and Trust wallet and also supports the feature of automatic listing of token right after the launch of fresh tokens.

How to join Blum –

Blum has launched a Mini-app Game Bot on Telegram App which you can join from below link-

Click here

Mining on Blum-

  • Join the Blum via invite link which will redirect to Bot on Telegram.
  • Log into the bot.
  • Setup your Blum account.
  • Now click on the start Farming button.
  • You have to collect Blum tokens after 8 hours and restart the Farming.
Mining On Blum
Mining On Blum

Other ways to earn more Blum points –

  1. You can invite Only 10 friends Right Now. you will get 10% from your buddies and 2.5% from there Refferals. You will also get Play pass.
  2. You can also claim Blum points by doing simple Task in the task section.
  3. You can make more Blum points by playing a game with play pass.
Blum Invite
Blum Invite

How to play game for more Blum points.

  1. You have to simply click on play button.
  2. Each tap on green objects will get you Blum points.
  3. There is timer of 30 sec. to play.
  4. Don’t click on the bomb it will reduce the point
  5. Tap on the ice to freeze the objects and stop the timer and collect the maximum points.
Blum Game
Blum Game

Listing of Blum

Blum tokens will be listed soon probably on BRC20. you can claim the tokens after listing which you can use to trade and convert to other tokens. Please DYOR.

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